Garage update!

No, I haven't forgotten about my disaster of a garage!!
What was supposed to be a weekend, turned into a month,

Remember what I started with . . .

My Garage Before

But no bother - I am off to a great start!!

Here's some of my updates:
May not look like much, but it's great to me!!

First job was to de-clutter!
Then, get shelves organized by category and everything off the floor!

Then decided where to have pegboard.

I was able to buy one 8' x 4' board and had Home Depot cut it to my measurements, using no waste, and for $18!!!

Then I installed it all by my lonesome!
Yay Me!!
Charles Schultz

Freezer wall 1st After!

Looks pretty good for this ole' girl, dont'cha think???

 ( I used some 1x2 scrap pieces along the perimeter that I screwed the pegboard to, so that there is spaced BEHIND the board to put hooks into)
 I want to paint this board PINK (household/My Project supplies/tools & will label it later too)

I have started with the pegboard along the work bench wall - 

And this is the work in progress . . . 

It FEELS GREAT to get things in one central area and organized -
Can't wait to have it all done!!

Plus, it's gonna have some "pretty" touches - Oh Yeah, pretty colored pegboards, maybe some curtains over the shelves . . . That's one of the cool things about being an independent woman - 
It's my GIRL CAVE!!!  
Have fun all - See ya soon!!

Hugs & Smiles,

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