Painted Lady

Had this hand made side table that is solid wood, but it is old and worn.
I wanted an antiqued, colored look and wanted to try several layers of paint, wash and distressing.
I think it turned out pretty nice

This is what I started with - yes, I know, it's oak, and I'm PAINTING it - sorry men!  lol

So I just was going for it, no particular plan, other than wanting to layer and get a dimensional look
First coat was to make a small batch of home made chalk paint with some oops paint I had.
(I did lightly sand first only to remove any shiny left over varnish, nothing major)
(don't ask what the hole in the middle is for, a family member hand crafted this and I think it was ideally for a lamp cord ?...)

First coat of chalk paint done

Just thought these "claw feet" were interesting - I've had this table for a year now, and never noticed the details - kinda freaked me out - literally a "claw, see the nail too?
onward I pressed . . . 

I  decided to try a dry brush layer with some opps white - then used a paper towel while still damp to blend and soften the brush strokes.

I continued this over the entire table and legs

This is what it looked like after the white dry brushed/wiped/blended

 I then started to play with different distressing ideas:
(most of my paint colors are all opps paints)

I mixed up a clear glaze with a brown paint and brushed and wiped off.
Then, did a light coat with a blackish tinted glaze I made up.
I use a small container, and a ratio of 3 parts glaze to 1 part paint.
I wipe and spread to desired intensity.

 Ignore my flip flop - I was being spontaneous!  :)

I forgot to take photos at each layer, but honestly, I was just trying to create some dimension and aging, so I don't think there really is a right or wrong.

I applied a coat of wax, buffed, and am going to work on the coffee table to match . . .
Maybe I'll add an image from Graphics fairy . . . For now, I think it looks pretty nice.

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  1. Very Nice Job Theresa,
    I like the color for this table and your distressed look given.
    Thanks for sharing on G+,
    Greg Hill

  2. I love the color, nice work!

    1. Thank you!! Thank Heaven for ooops paint! :)

  3. Looks great. Thanks for sharing your technique.


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