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Welcome!  I'm a mother of 5 great children, a full time student, studying for nursing, work in home health care, have two beautiful grand babies, and just keeping moving one foot in front of another.  I started this blog after being inspired by others to act on it!  I love taking old things, or used items and up-cycling them.  I can remember back when I was a tween, and my mom and I painted and "antiqued" an old red dresser I had.  I thought it was the most beautiful thing.  I'll have to scavenge for a photo I remember seeing.  Anyhow, I have always been a crafty, creative soul.  My grandmother taught me to sew a poncho,  when I was about 10 for my "Beautiful Krissy" doll.  So, it began...I love to put my mark or bring to life my visions.  I admit, I am a real bad procrastinator, and so starting this blog has been therapeutic for me as well.  My kids have always been a huge support.  As a single mom for umpteen years, we have had to make "jewels from our junk".  It's a great feeling find something no one else thinks is worth keeping, and turning it into a treasure!  Great satisfaction.
So, anyhow, I will probably get real personal at times, and I know it might be taboo for a blog, but this is about me following some dreams, and how can I not share that.  Besides, if it helps anyone, even just one person, makes one smile, feel inspired, or just feel hugged, then it's all worth it to me!
Bear with me as I learn all about this blogging thingy - I just wanna make my stuff!  haha!  Send me messages, emails, comments, ideas, suggestions, or ask me anything!  I'm pretty much an open book, and here to put my mark on this life as long as our Heavenly Father keeps me here!
Hugs & Smiles,
T  (Theresa - with an "h")   :)

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