Mini Projects

I bet we all have miscellaneous accessories around that are just there.
I am FINALLY pulling all mine out, one at a time, and re-vamping them.
Trust me, most of these projects are under 10 minutes, but some have taken me YEARS to get the courage to change them!
Not like I can't just paint it back if I don't like it, right?! 
I thought it would be a cool post to keep posting these little projects as I finish them, and see the different techniques, colors and ideas I discover and actually use.
Medium Project #6 - Dark & Dreary TO Light and Bright!
I bought this large mirror years ago at a Bed, Bath and Beyond with a gift card I had been given.  I loved it for years, but lately, it has been actually bugging me!
Ever have something that you walk by daily, and it just nags at you to change it?
Well, last night, I couldn't stand it any longer, so I took it off the wall,
laid a drop cloth on my dinning room floor, grabbed my color sample of a white paint I had, and went to town on it!
It took longer than I thought, because I had to swirl and smoosh the paint into all the grooves and detail.
I loved it all white, (had added grout/water to the paint to make it chalky)
but my daughter said we needed to antique it to show the detail.
 I made a grey glaze, brushed it all over, smooshing again into the grooves/detail, then wiped a excess off and Viola!

Mini Project #5 - Bigger Tick Tock
This clock actually belongs to a friend of mine who hated it, but didn't know what to do with it.
UPDATED Aug 2013! 
Now it fits in with the rest of her house, is brighter and she loves it!
  Pssst It's PLASTIC!!
First "After"!
We were happy with this for a while, but now we are really trying to get rid of all the old lady gold in my client's house -
So, I got brave, and simply spray painted it again, with Rust-o-leum Satin, Slate Blue and NOW it's Gorgeous~!
Before - Ugly greenish, brown, blackish yuck

First "After"!

First attempt (lasted a few months)
Step 1 - spray painted it an antique gold,
 Step 2 - Mixed up a white glaze, brushed it into all
the cracks and all over
Step 3 - Wiped off glaze from raised sections with a damp cloth.

Mini Project #4 - Tick Tock

This clock was like new, and with a natural pine finish.
But I needed some color, so as usual, after 2 paint jobs, I stayed with this homemade blue.
I brushed it on, so you can see stroke marks, but I actually like it like that.
Looks country-ish.

Mini Project #3 - Red Flower

This was a $1 store, plastic framed picture that I #1 -simply wiped a little vaseline along the edges and corners. 
#2 - Brushed (yes, brushed, (ran out of spray paint) - yikes) on some white acrylic paint.
#3 - When dried, I lightly sanded with 150grit paper, letting the black show through where the vaseline had been. Took all of 10 minutes, maybe.

To get the actual Vaseline distress tutorial go to Shabby to no End! Have fun!

Mini Project #2 - Artifact
I don't know what to call this . . . artifact, decoration, finial . . ???
It has been all over my houses and though I like it, it was kinda boring and not liking the kinda poop color.
SO here's what I did (while watching Netflix)
#1 - I spray painted it silver.
#2 - Mixed glaze with some black acrylic paint & slopped on the glaze.
#3 - Wiped off glaze with a paper towel until I got the look I wanted.
Tried to keep it in the grooves.

Mini Project #1 - Golden
Here is a Renoir print, that I love and have had for years!
Gold frame was not cutting it for me anymore.

I was inspired after a visit to the Phoenix Art Museum.
Yeah, I was taking photos of things that would inspire me in my decor! I know, I'm a weirdo!
My print - BEFORE

Museum paintings- Inspiration

White flat glaze
# 1 - I mixed some light glaze with white flat oops paint I had, brushed it on, 
# 2 - wiped off excess.
# 3 - Brushed on a high gloss glaze.

 I think it worked well to tone down the gold.

After close up
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